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You could say we fell into the property management business. We personally own several personal rental properties and were having constant issues with the level of service from our third party property management companies. Some of the issues we encountered were:

  • Property managers not paying attention to details.
  • Late rental proceeds deposits into our account.
  • Non-responsiveness to us as clients and our residents.
  • High cost and extremely poor quality repairs/make-ready's.
  • We were even billed for work that was never completed!

We hired and fired 3 different property management companies and by the third one we were fed-up. There was a clear gap and need for quality management services in Austin, Texas and Riverside, California. We started JMB Group Property Management to fill this gap and have been delivering to our clients ever since!


Our mission is to create a culture where team members, residents and our properties are well cared for. We strive to have a sense of purpose in our work and give back to the community.


  • Deliver exceptional service to our residents.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond your normal job duties.
  • Build a positive team and be a positive team member.
  • Pursue growth and learning.
  • Honor and deliver commitments to our investors
  • Value our reputation and be accountable
  • Deliver exceptional service to our residents
  • Have fun and create a fun work environment.

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